Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Desk Space

I have a desk it was a mess it is now sorta sorted.

I turn into my own cleaning lady once a week, I have a very part time job and some other commitments so I have allocated three days to do steer my life in a new direction and that involves using a desk, of course it does!

This is what it looked like during the sort.

As usual I sort of lost focus and looked at other desk spaces. I think there used to be a regular editorial in Oprah's magazine featuring successful women's work stations which of course I got slightly obsessed with but I pulled these from the internet.
The mess and chaos is the reality and the sparseness the dream, but I just wont give up to what I am which is messy. So I spend my days clearing and sorting and never getting anywhere.


Oh what would it have been like if I had never bought or wanted a thing?
No answers please these are my own random thoughts!


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