Sunday, 15 June 2014

Rhodes Old Town

At this hotel you tell the staff the day before that you are out for the day and after breakfast they give you a cool bag and you fill it up at their picnic chiller section and off you trot.


We took the bus to Rhodes Old Town, up the 'freeway', a dual carriageway which had a raised partition up the middle with sporadic planting, at one point we flew past two elderly gentlemen who on foot had met in the middle, leaning on the partition for a chat.
One in the north bound and one in the south lane.

The architecture is interesting and the health and safety on a building site is eye watering.

The amount of glamorous furriers is incredible, who knew you could shift that many fur coats from an island that gets so hot it's uncomfortable, I know the whole Ugg sheepskin keeps you cool thing but this is on another scale. Some of these places could be mistaken for an Audi showroom.

Anyway this is what I saw.

P made a friend.

OK, so I might have been slightly in tears in this shop, not enough money in the world to buy whatever one wanted and it all screamed Iris Apfel. Got as many photos as I could politely get away with.

Next years sandal are in the bag and these slippers are the most comfortable and I will never wear another kind.

Stopped for lunch down a quite side street.

I feel a thorough spring clean coming along.

Just enough, we were back on the bus by lunch and straight into the water park.


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