Sunday, 15 June 2014

Rhodes Greece.

We were in much need of a family holiday.
With much panicking and freaking out on my part, G took control and booked an all inclusive package to Greece with Thompson and we went Easter weekend.

We went to Atlantica Agean Blue in Rhodes.
Could it possibly look the same in real life?

I was a bit freaked being on a flight where everyone was a holiday maker, my last holiday with G was to Croatia when I was preg with T and this was going to our first ever holiday together abroad without family. It is weird being on a plane with everyone going to a place for the same reason, city breaks bring a wider mix of passenger so you can feel 'private' as you travel.

Also I had shopped the whole high street for some summer clothes and swimwear for me and the girls, I had seen it all and now I was seeing it in the departure gate.

We arrived at night, no round robin dropping off people to hotels, one hotel one drop, lovely, and food available for those needing it at midnight. A buffet, that was a bit shocking because it was crazy.

We took a walk about 1am and it was all too much for P who was just so pleased to be away.

In the morning it did strangely look like the pictures.

For all the wonderful round pools with bridges and waterfalls my two chose the rectangular pool, 90cm deep to stick to all week.

One got a gun and one got a lilo.

and this is the biggest floppy hat in the world,

and this is what you lick the bottom of the Air Hockey mallet.


My last post praised the service at the London Passport Office, I still stand by my experience despite the trouble that seems to be gripping the nation presently, I've had rather a lot of hits over the past couple of weeks regarding it.

Lots more Rhodes to come if you are interested.


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  1. I'm interested! And I LOVE that photo of T mid-air! xx
    P.S - we are in the category of waiting for passports for Mr A and Little E!! Eeeeek....