Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Atlantica Club Aegean Blue Water Park

So the hotel put in a water park a year or so ago.
If you are staying at the hotel you can use the water park for free and if you are not, then you can't.

Even though there were no queue's for slides they should work on this revenue stream a bit more.
The foot print isn't big and including us there might have been 10-15 people using the facility so really not over crowded or loud OR any euro trash pop music to be heard.

I don't like heights that much, I don't mind being up high, I am just not that keen on structures that get you up there if they are not encased by a building. SO I am not sure how I took these photos.
You may have to revert to the fourth photo a few times for reference as the day unfolds.

This hotel backed onto ours, no big divine and I think is owned by the same group.

There are glass screens round the balcony's, I got a bit envious because our room was above the bar and close to the stage and it was a bit loud and I was getting a bit cross and this place looked VERY calm.
The room issue was resolved this same day but that's for a later post.
The life guard said this hotel is newer but it is better for families with small children.

More view.

T and G called this the toilet bowl.

At one point they came out the bottom, she was thrown up in the air and he honestly thought he'd killed her but she came squealing AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN DADDY!!!

T was probably a bit under size for this one, you drop down, fly up, come back down and over the hill and then shoot into the water pool on the other side.
Life guard said, you look sturdy, just go and we will see what happens. Sure enough she didn't complete the task of ending in the pool so she only got the one shot but awesome all the same.
You'd never be allowed to do that at Chessington. Ha!

P's experience of the park was short lived, we walked in and missed the baby pool in the corner which she would have preferred instead headed to the jungle fountain hell hole that was freezing.
G and T ran in and out of this but P just found it all too much and my pics of this is limited and so was her time here, I got one picture where she is smiling and she is holding her gun.

Then she decided to 'do' a slide and picked one of these death drops, again probably a little big for her, no hesitation, straight down arms crossed into an infantile Moro Reflex, hit the bottom, water in the face, finishing with uber wailing to mummy and insistence that her sister repeat exactly the same experience.

This is after everything had calmed down.

Around the park is a lazy river, I have always wanted to do a lazy river. Lets go as a family!
It took a long time to get P anywhere near it. She thought she might fall through the ring, what could go wrong, she would be near mummy.
Oh, if only that simple.
T got in to a single ring and then G the same. We put P in a double and she felt almost safe and then I got into the other part of the '8', the weight distribution was not great to say the least, by this time we were off and I was not stable AT ALL, my end was taking in water.
Luckily as mentioned before not a lot of people around to witness what happened next.
G decided P was not safe, she was fine, it was me that was in trouble.
So he grabs P rather than let me figure something out or warning me of his intentions and perches her on his lap and she is happy.
I am not, the double ring is not horizontal, I have no option, I have to evacuate.

Now this lazy river is not like those ones you see in the Florida commercials, it's basic and all angles, there is not much planting, and I could have swum round and no one would have noticed but the right thing to do was get out. But the currant!
The pull was stronger than it looked and we were beginning to draw attention to ourselves with all the laughter and G and the girls were going down river.
I did get out but I looked like a whale.
Just G and T visited the park for the rest of the week.

I asked the life guard if young teens ever scrambled the mountain and drank beer in groups, after all that's probably what would happen here in the UK, no need to, there is a bar half way up and steps to the top.
Can you see where the radio mast is?
Booked a taxi and that's where we headed next.


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