Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Holy Monastery Santa Maria Tsampika

We booked a taxi and left the hotel to visit the Holy Monastery Santa Maria Tsampika, up the mountain.
The receptionist arranged for the car to drop and collect. I thought a couple of hours she looked at me, for what? you go up, look around and come back, maybe 45 minutes!
OK you know best.

Much to the horror of the children. Why would we leave the pool?
Cause Mamma will go mad if she doesn't break the week up that's why.

Freeway, up hill, then up more dirt road which is also single track and up hill. Awesome.

Sure enough there was a cafe, which was open even though it was the week before the season. The taxi dropped us and said he would come back in an hour and half because he said that the children would be slow climbing to the top.

300 uneven steps and my two went up like rockets.

There were a few tears near the top, P wouldn't hold the hand rail and walk sensibly and G lost it.

So those struggling with fertility are encouraged to make their way barefoot to the Monastery and pray to the virgin. In Rhodes if you are successful and you then give birth to a boy you are to name him Tsambikos and a girl, Tsambika.

There is a loo up here, as well as the remains of a build, 3 wheel barrow, 2 cement mixers and whole lot of other unwanted bits.

Then back down.

There are always things to be found to make a trip out extra special.

That goat followed us down to the cafe suspiciously.
1 beer and 3 ice creams, a short taxi ride and we were back in the pool, with little voices saying that was a great trip out.


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