Saturday, 25 January 2014

They Call This An iPhone Dump.

Here goes a post with some photo's before Christmas.

P had to wear a Christmas jumper to school, this is what we came up with on the morning. The glue I used on the shoulders meant that she smelt toxic till 10.

T had a day of school sick, although she looks really well here, she was more than happy to have a day on the sofa just colouring.

Long days of Chirstmas prep finally took it's toll and naps in the early evening were required.

This is me waking her up from another nap with sherbert sweets, the only way she would open her eyes. Great hair.

With so much sleeping P and I potato printed cards for school late one night.
The red berries are her pointer finger.

All these photos are blurred, but they are of T watching the Goonies for the first time.

Veggie wraps in seaweed. Really good.


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