Monday, 3 February 2014

and here is a really BIG Dump.

I am sure we had the best tree ever and it was the display model.

The girls went through all the decorations and literally threw the ornaments on the tree in clusters and there they stayed until I, lonesome, packed it all away.

Twas twinkly most evenings.

The girls had a joint party briefly, really stressful, but the party bags looked amazing.

P's birthday is right before Christmas, she wanted to go ice skating, my ankle said no, so we dragged in the Lion Man as extra parent. P never wants to go again, T is well up for it at the most annoying moments.

I think having your birthday around Christmas sucks unless you are Jesus.

Christmas pretty much rocked this year.
G asked me what type of 'Day' did I want and I read him the passage from Ballet Shoes. He looked at me as if I was crazy.
Ultimately we went for something that kept him out the kitchen for hours. He usually cooks at Christmas. The kids don't like a roast dinner that much and by not cooking it he can enjoy their company.
As it happened they received a Robot Fish each and they spent most of the day in the bathroom swimming them round the tub. I knitted and G read and the TV didn't go on till about 8.
Amazing and beyond stress free.

The girls got bow an arra's, and so did G. His more of a weapon and has to be carved yet.
P wanted one of those flashing badges and we have put it away for next year.

T is all about the joke, can't stop telling and laughing at the non gag.

My family came for Christmas on the Eve. And that's a strange event that I am not sure I will repeat in the same way. Mum and I have only ever done Christmas on the one day, there was never enough of us to do more. Whilst the day was lovely, and the company wonderful and it was special, when we sat down for lunch you didn't get the feeling that so was the rest of the country. Because you could hear the rush outside.
I think next time if celebrations are to happen on the Eve then it should be from the very late afternoon, when everyone can't DO anything else and it is a bit more twinkly.

These are my most two favourite photos from the holidays.

More pics of me with the girls in 2014 me thinks and my skin looks great.


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