Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nativity and Tree

Finally one of my children were in a Nativity.
P was an Angel and I had to put in in a white pillowcase, wings, T shirt and tights
I was going all out.

That's a vintage linen pillow case with a bias binding neck.
Too much?

There was a note to decorate with gold tinsel. P chose where to put that.

When I was about six we lived in the back end of South Africa, I mean in the middle of nowhere, so much so unless you were cargo, you flew in and out.
We were a small community of families with links to the mines, diamonds I think.
There was an outdoor nativity which involved the 'towns' children and there were real donkeys, I might be imagining a camel and we were in the desert and I remember it being night.
My mum made the angel costumes I don't remember participating because I think I threw a weepy fit and didn't want a part of any of it but I do remember the feel of the white crepe paper dress and silver tinsel.
So fragile and delicate. So begins the love affair of the Christmas fairy and all those delicate Christmas ornaments.

I think P looks like the Christmas Guinness Fairy from my families Christmas tree she is just missing the harp.

I think we  bought the best tree ever this year, wish we could have kept it forever.


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