Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Run Up To Christmas

Last days of November brings oldest friends fortieth and T's 7th.

Its and early start, you've got to be dressed and breakfast in before there is time for presents, cards and seeing what cake mum and dad have come up with this year.

For T is was a non uniform day at school.
Such a beautiful dress, a handmade sent from Madrid that will soon make it's way on to other family.

P bought T that pink dog unicorn thing and a pear, her favourite fruit.

Then it was off to town without this gift for oldest friend's birthday cream tea.
That is Hello Kitty Liberty tape if you look closely.

Never had a cream tea before. 
They are awfully filling and very sweet. Don't think I could have one every year. LH tells me that there is a savory tea room with scotch eggs in the town where she lives. I wonder if they serve beer and ploughmans instead of champagne?

I have a lovely afternoon perched on a tiny chair balancing teacups and pots of hot tea on small overcrowded tables.

Dinner is at an Italian restaurant because it serves the pizza that T once made, ate and liked. She liked it but she doesn't want to eat it ever again.

That night she wants never wants to take her new headphones off. Do you remember that feeling?

Saturday morning brings a treat for T.
A ride on a horse, not a lesson just a trek up on the hill.

T thinks Max is amazing and cool.

When Max is brought out to ride, P pretty much points at him and yells it's a donkey!
Much to the disgust of the stable girls.

I feel she isn't that wrong.
P is nearly 4 and the same height as the pony.

Part of me thinks that I could have got down on all fours, crawled up the hill and achieved the same feeling.
T is happy and so are we. Up early and out the house looking at the view.
What could be better.


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