Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wood Affair

I really must get up to date with this blog business.
For G's birthday we went as a family, taking the Lion Man with us to the Bentley Wood Fair, which you can get more info on here

If you have children, taking other adults with you is great because they don't treat you like their parents, mine didn't seem to tell me all the usual stuff about hunger or tiredness.
They saw it like a school trip, all in it together.

So a great day out. In fact one of the best days out if you like anything craft. A lot of pics coming up.

Can you see the vintage ice skates in there, I think you need to add leather to secure them to your shoes.

Bargain 3 arrows for a £, I bought loads of arrows!
Penny's arms are just chunky under the pressure and her arrows all went in.

Yep, smart pants got the target first time.

These pics prove that you can make a fire in anything and all the stalls had a burn going for endless tea.

We have a Kellie Kettle like this one, this gentleman was 90 years old and used his at least once a week to make tea outside. I'm taken with the biscuit tin lid as a protector, I've started to think about the whole picnic basket thing again.

T is blushing a little because the nice lad let her have loads of turns for free.
I think she was the best looking gal in the fair!

This show was brilliant. G and the Lion Man had ale that made them feel squiffy and the very level headed lady in the tea tent suggested that I should take my cuppa in a proper mug out to the show and bring it back when I was ready.
You don't hear that very often.

There are lots of crafters selling courses to make furniture and other dust collecting items. These in black are my favourite kitchen chairs, not the ones T is sitting on so maybe in a bigger kitchen I might send G on a course as he is a measure twice cut once kind a guy.  I measure and measure and it still goes wrong.

There were other things to buy including this 1930's Canadian wood saw which was a prize given in a cutting competition. It's now in the hall minus it's rubber hose. The fixings on the saw are really beautiful. I hung Halloween bunting from it which didn't go down that well with it's new owner.

Another best day out defo going next year, buy tickets online as it works out cheaper.


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