Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's Getting Grey Out There

The new iphone upgrade allows black and white and filters on the camera that's the only feature to like, if honest the interface is a pain to get used to and if I could undo it then I would.
G wants me to stop moaning.

I think it is a good excuse to leave the phone in a cupboard for longer periods.

T said she was having trouble seeing the board in school, I am blind as a bat so thought it wouldn't be too bad to get an eye test. A few minutes before going in to the appointment she tells me it isn't her eye sight that it the problem it's that there is a larger child between her and the board.

Eye sight fine.

The days are now shorter and it is officially cosy time but there is no rest period, the pears are off the tree so it is time to start the mince pie mix, knitting to finish and last years Christmas quilts to start.

I went to Ikea yesterday, it's an hour drive. I want matching chairs in the kitchen, the ones I liked I didn't when I got there.
The cheap ones I didn't like online, I loved when I looked more closely but they are not in stock again till next year. Which is annoying.
I drove through your old stomping ground New Jersey, it was very sad knowing that you are no longer here, I felt a pang deep inside. Then stuck at those crazy traffic lights that lead over the bridge at Waldon (?) I watched a tow truck pull a 119 on two wheels and thought, you're not missing much.

Busy Busy!


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