Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Guess Who? Sand Sculptures.

One other thing we did this summer was visit a sand sculpture park. I had heard how great it was and just on a day when I fancied a change we went.
It's not that great.

Who are these people?

I think they renew these every year, what a choice, the Nirvana baby!? Slim shady?

On the utterly brilliant side and I wish I'd been more prepared with a picnic lunch there is a giant sandpit with sand that sculpts.
My girls hate the pit, but love this.

The girls could have packed and shaped for a couple of hours and the weather so bright.
Maybe we will give it another go in a couple of years time if it is still there.
It's Eurovision in sand, very odd.

We got fake grass!
G calls it something else, I can't remember what.

It's a small patch but we are sick of pulling the weeds and leveling because it sinks like a grave so G started to investigate plastic and you what it is not that bad.
Somewhere over the summer I have gone off my cottage garden in favour of something more Mediterranean. Neat in pots.
I am probably a bit off in design but after a fair bit of graft and a few quid spent in the garden center on leafy greens it looks nice out there.

I even baked something in the Italian.

But now the summer hols are really over and the girls are settled back to school. Now the hard graft starts for me with two birthdays to fit in before Christmas.

As I type they are in pj's watching Lady and the Tramp waiting to turn 4 and 7 asking my endless questions about party themes.
I am so tired.

Thinking caps on it's time to get organised, again.


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