Monday, 14 October 2013

Space Camp

Last year we went to space camp, will this link work?

It was such an amazing weekend, we went again despite it being the first weekend after school starting.
Looking back so much has changed in our children,

and then again,

not so much.

This year I saw a binary star system, which looks like smashed diamonds on black. You think it is just white, but it's the brightest white light that you have ever seen. Then we had a long conversation with a photographer who basically lead me a merry dance about the world ending and me moving to Mars.

Deep breathes.

Both P and T made and launched rockets and they played and played safely in the discovery parks which meant that we could sit back and enjoy the atmosphere etc and drink tea.
I couldn't be happier.
We found the best blackberry bushes and walked around the castle grounds.

There were rumors that the weather was going to be awful but it was perfect and I love it here.
It makes me feel calm and not many places away from home manage that.

Having said that I've made the decision NO camping next year.
Too many weekends under canvas in 2013 and too much wet or dull weather.
It isn't cheap to camp well and I think my girls and guy need to see some guaranteed sun and a pool.

This is our tent.
Inside and out.

I am a neat camper which annoys G, I literally wash the plates up before the food is chewed and I am forever making beds. So after a great year it is all nicely packed away ready for another time just not so soon.


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