Thursday, 12 September 2013

Winchester Cathedral

Last bit about Winchester.

St. Swithun is the Patron Saint of Winchester and as we were there on the day we took in a sung mass conducted with the Bishop and whats more all the choir boys in red and white were there too. We sat up in the posh seats and I don't mind telling you when those boys sing it brings tears to the eyes, it doesn't matter what you believe in, it's AMAZING.
But for all the big guns in embroidered gowns, there were only twenty or so punters in attendance and two of those had been at breakfast at The Old Vine, see prev post.
So if a Cathedral can't pull them in then I don't know how the rest of the churches in the country are coping, well I do actually because I work for one but it was an eye opener.

Anyway this is what it looked like.

Who doesn't love a cross stitch kneeler?

The girls on the whole were really well behaved.
Having a well equipped play park close by to keep them occupied in the evenings I am sure helped.

T cried when it was time to leave.
On further questioning it appears that she liked the simplicity of our break away and the accommodation was light bright and airy as opposed to the clutter and oppressive grey she has to live under at home.

We are decorating the hall way, the first time since I moved in some seventeen years ago.
It's brilliant white. I think T has a point, there were lessons to learn.
I am feeling -  there is only one life you don't get another one - do I really want to fill it with the things I never use or shall I just get out there and see some things.


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