Monday, 16 September 2013

Summer Holidays 2013

It didn't feel like summer for ages and I think it took me while to get the girls out the house. The lack of Olympics this year didn't help with that spring in the step.

 I remember doing this at my grandmother's house when we first moved to the UK. I think I used a polystyrene tray and a spoon and went back to check it's smell every fifteen minutes to see if I'd managed an amazing rose perfume.
This is in a fancy little glass bottle with a kind of wooden press. The novelty wore off immediately, after the task, they watched a movie and the bottle is still in the back of the fridge.
Maybe they are too young or even too advanced for girly science.

Years ago I bought bench ends and years later we had them sand blasted and treated.
This year, some years after G sprayed them white he made me a bench for the garden.
It's in fancy wood. I can't remember which type and he will roll his eyes when he reads this I am sure he talked about it a lot.

The bench is lovely. It's beautiful.
In fact he has gone cray for finishing off all our decorating and by Christmas I think the house downstairs will be unrecognisable.

 P and T to some extent over the holidays found that sleeping late is actually quite nice. Which after six years is a blessing.
I am not sure if P managed this in her bed every night but I feel that we are now slowly saying good bye to the 6am starts.
Not every morning though.
One can hope.


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