Monday, 16 September 2013

Grandma's Birthday Lunch in June

We went to see my mum for lovely lunch and a spit in the sea.
Rather a grey day but much fun had.

Gots to put yer lipdick on says P.

Lots of silliness but an excellent lunch. The girls were amazingly catered for and do you know, I now know, that if you are a veg you see an awful lot of goats cheese and rocket.

This is family.

Do you think the daisy's just happened like that?
I took all my lavenderherb out last year and I am really missing the bees as a result. May be I need to plant a variety like the above that shoots up rather than out.

This little warren of cobbles is now shut to the public, I hope to re seed or similar and not for health and safety. I spent an early childhood running up and down here or just sitting at the top, wondering about stuff when I took the dog for a walk on the weekends.

It's a monument to brave little birds.

 A hole in the walk way!? at least they match the railings. A HOLE!

Happy Birthday Mum, I know it was a summer ago but I am just catching up.
Love you


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