Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pinic Basket Required

A nice day on Sunday took us out to the park.

Now I have lots of lovely picnic things and lots of brightly coloured things but I always just shove everything into a tote.
We pulled down a ceiling in our hall to improve the lighting and there is dust over everything including the cupboard where all the picnic stuff is so I think it is time for an over haul.

I found these pics in an upcoming Bonhams listing, it's aim high inspiration.

So I need to find the case first and then remember that I have to be able to lift the thing.

I just found this on Vimeo. I may also need a few lessons on what to pack. Less is more.

The Perfect Picnic Basket - Oh Happy Day - Target #SummerUp

I found a suitcase upstairs that used to hold a trumpet but it looks a bit drab, I am not sure how much of a make over I can do. 


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