Wednesday, 26 June 2013

About Bloody Time

I bought a small plant that I knew grew into a big plant and that would produce these violent sticking out seed heads.
The seed heads have never shown themselves.

I was out waiting for the cat to come in looking at the plant that was the size of a bucket when I bought it home. There before me were stems with what look like closed shears poking up.

Watch this space to see what happens next. Please don't be another 6 years to open.

I bought these this week. I think I might actually have more storage than things to store but they are lovely don't you think FMH?

And they came from here!

I've not been here I bought them in the shop around the corner, 2 for £30.
Not bad.

I have been very disorganised this Spring Summer. Can't get ahead of the game at all. Yesterday I thought that if I did two loads of washing every day for the next two weeks I might just get on top of it.
I have so much sorting to do I don't know where the time has gone at all.

I did recently make these to send out to friends that have just added to their families but can I get half a day to sort through the out box?
Not really.

The 'sort your life out before you hit forty' campaign does not allow for the buying of new materials for projects it really is MAKE DO which means anything I make is probably ornamental rather than safely functional.

G and I found this pic of Drew Barrymore and are convinced this is what P will look like at 15!

 The Quaker dropped a lovely gift through the door.

I am bothered by how much my clothes pong from cooking with the new Italian oven from Italy, and I can't tell you how much this new apron is helping AND the neck strap is cut on the bias and sits on the shoulder comfortably rather than round the neck. Details!

Thank you very much I love it.

Today was sports day, T did really well and won the obstacle and egg and spoon races without any problems, she tied the sack race and came in the top three for running.
I am glad that she is doing so well because I fear she is built like me and is only going to get slower as the years go on.

Next week school is out and I can't believe T will have finished year 1.
P will have done her first half term at the new preschool and we have had a 50 odd page document recording her progress so far. This weekend I think we will make thank you cards and I will start to plan what will keep us occupied for the next eight weeks.
I think I will be a tiger mom and insist on daily spellings, maths and reading.

I think about how great last summer was and I want the London Olympics back.
LH has offered to lend me her Olympic DVD Box Set so I could watch and re live the whole event but the weather is so shocking still it might send me into a great depression.

I took a double strength cashmere cardi with me to the sports field today just in case.
It's nearly bloody July.

We need warmth and so do my sinus.
I think I might have to start watching Wimbledon it might kick start my summer holiday thoughts.


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  1. Regarding the plant, weather permitting you will get a fantastic surprise soon. Love the animals you clever girl so much more fun than housework. Well done T&P at school this year/term. lovemum