Friday, 5 July 2013

Homecoming for Two

I have been wondering if by 40 I want to be rid of all my belongings. I like the idea of a really simple life, really empty.
The only problem is those boxes full of old clothes passed down through the generations or all those broaches and bits of patterned paper and folds of cloths.

Other than that I could be rid of the lot.

I started with the bathroom.

It is all now neatly packed away and I can see what I don't need.
Do you know I found seven tubes of boxed toothpaste. Not buying any more of that till the new year.

Today was the last day of term for the girls.
We have a little Homecoming celebration in it's second year, the end of term not the beginning as in the US I think.
The girls asked for the afternoon at soft play and then their chosen meal was hot dogs and chocolate cake.
On it.

There is a hurricane machine at the soft play, it goes up to 80 mile per hour and the whole experience takes 15 seconds or less.
P is always up for it but changes her mind at maximum wind speed.
I can open the door and let her out but then her thrill seeking sister would loose out because the wind cuts out. I know this because we have been here before.

I usually take a video but I took pictures today.
I wasn't sure weather or not to post these as it looks like cruelty but it was all over before it began.

T & PL

The next photo is so heart breaking I just can't up load it.

For about 2 seconds she burst into tears.
Then she came out continued to run round like a loon.
She looked like a radish asleep in the back of the car.

I put them in the bath as soon as we got back as they were just so sweaty and filthy dirty.

Happy face, funny face and chocolate cake.
They both got lovely presents. Bags of pick and mix, drawing boards, glockenspiel, journals and hair grips. T received a Venus Fly Trap which she is eager to get on with growing but she thinks it is going to be a monster.

I watched a bit of Wimbledon this eve, the sun is out I am now ready for summer.
Don't know what I am going to wear though.


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