Friday, 19 July 2013

Clearing up the Desktop and Catching up.

This blog is a diary for me, there is no way I would remember a pinch of our life without it.
Sometimes I post pictures twice without realising I just hope that it is not the same for outings.

Recently LH took me out for the morning. A Saturday without G and the girls. It was glorious. I saved the photos to the desk top with the intention of posting but with term ending and the hot weather I haven't been here are while.

How lovely.

A favourite bookshop followed by a stroll.

That Victoria sponge is barely held under that dome.

Blueberry's on top of cakes is such a good idea and painting everything grey is still lovely.

It was just the beginning of this really hot spell we are having.
We drove out to Cuckmere Haven.

Really busy and the water was really cold. Can't wait to take the girls but there are no loos which could be an issue. Especially with all those young people around.

Thrilled to see the cliff cottages. I see them in that famous time out computer picture and always thought that I could happily live there with the view but actually the reality is that all the visiting students get dropped off for a jolly not to mention the locals and the place is heaving.

Lovely day out. Thank you so much.

Step outside our house and you could be forgiven for thinking you are in Spain. It is incredible. Apparently we are to have another week of this golden weather and I asked G if he thought it might break in the loudest storm, he's hoping not as he's not keen on thunder.
I keep thinking about that weather you get in early winter when it suddenly turns crisp but the sun shines strong. Secretly looking forward to those days

Toward the end of term T had a gravelly throat which she passed on to G and I. G got better in about 2 days mine is still hanging around and T's has developed into a bit of a cold. She looks just a little under par.

She gets a rash when she is carrying something, even tiredness. A friend's child had something similar and was told that the rash could be an allergic reaction to which ever virus they were carrying.
I think that sounds the case for us too.
We have been told that this is non specific and she will grow out of it but it's been six years now and I want her better, as I am sick of giving her drugs.
Last night I came home and checked on her before turning in, she had 'rashed' in her sleep.
Interestingly the rash was only present where her body had been wrapped in her blanket.

Today she is a little bit hot so I am preparing for a long night of nursing somewhere over the weekend.
G is away camping in hammocks. I think we will just water the garden and eat ice creams, keeping close to the shade.

Anybody else got a goitre like a rock?


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