Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Science Museum

We did really well on our trip to London, the girls ate breakfast and then water, brioche and chocolate discs on the train. Which meant that their tummies were full until lunch and if there were any grumbles I shoved another disc in their mouth which hardly happened.

We wanted to see the under water film at the iMAX cinema in the Science Museum and luckily when we got there, no queue to get in just to buy tickets for the film with the advice to arrive 10 minutes before the screening which left half and hour to buy lunch and go to the toilet.


Lunch was good but stressful.

My girls are not used to eating a variety of food out and about, I have made that mistake of getting them to order sausage and chips or pasta because I know that's what they will eat but in this case the Science Museum's posh cafeteria didn't sell those items and my girls don't eat pizza.
We got a mixed tray of sandwiches, wedges and pizza, along with a couple of slices of cake to divide up.

My children will eat if hungry but I now realise from another recent trip out, not as soon as the plate touches the table. They need time.

This was a monumental rushed lunch.

By the time we got to the cinema we were the last in a very short queue and P told the ticket attendant that she needed a poo.

It's fun to see them trying to catch floating jelly fish. It was a packed screening.

We took them to the children's play area and watched the bubble show with a sneaky cuppa by mid afternoon I don't think that lunch had even reached my stomach.
Lots of blurry photos.

Really good recipe for bubble mix.
P was in the show and they put her in a giant bubble. The video is too long to post, I didn't get pictures.

With the wide open space the girls just ran and ran which might have upset daddy a little bit ultimately they were well behaved for the rest of the day.

This was the clock G had plans to build a few years ago, I wasn't too keen on this one. He started talking about nuclear power? and it ticks once a year and bongs once a millennium. Too much for me.

Then about 7 we took them on the tube and headed for home.

Such pretty children.

Years ago my friend Ewan and I were talking about living in London. I must have been eighteen and I said that I wanted to be one of those people that you saw in the streets and they had that look that made you want to know more about their lifestyle. Where did they live, who were their friends, where did they get their clothes from.
Must have been a year or so later and he said,
'you remember that conversation we had about London people?'
'I saw you coming back from Christmas on Victoria Station and you looked like one of THOSE London people!"

I remember, short blond crop, sludgy green slim double breasted men's suit jacket, long black skirt in utility fabric, high heeled clog studded boot, two black courier bags across the body and held in my hand a meter tall Chinese wooded bird cage with no bird.
Gotta love the 90's.

Skip forward to Easter holidays 2013, knackered, in Victoria Station McDonald's, lime green paint, loud unreasonable music, getting some dinner before the 8pm train wearing a sensible rain mac and uncomfortable clothes and carrying a rucksack.
Not even the veggie wrap could save me.

Oh well! There are other things in life now.
The sun is coming out just waiting for the heat.


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  1. I remember you returning to London with the bird cage - it is still in the loft in Worthing - you were stunning and to me you still are!