Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Fabric Cupboard.

In the quest to be ready for forty by forty the fabric cupboard got it.
It didn't really need it as it's remained untouched from it's last sort.
It's being moved to the back room and it's too rickety to move full of cloth.

All out and new rules.

If it is big enough to be made into a garment then sort into one pile, the remaining remnants stay in colour coded mini piles on the shelf.

This is a much darker purple and it also comes in a green, you can see Jim Carey wearing it in the Grinch. Despite its rag like appearance it's an Irish linen and it cost £24 per meter and I bought it in Soho back in the 90's when my body shape was younger, fitter and firmer.

A likely problem with all the fabric lengths I am sure, there will not be quite enough to go round either way I fear I am going to look incredibly home made, once I've decided what shapes fit my current shape.

So this is the pile to be made into clothes, mmmm, orange?

The small pieces could be made into patchwork or toys, I've got rid of the stuff I hate looking at, will donate that to the school art room and now I have two shelves spare so I might move every needle, bias, button and thread into the one place.

With P in preschool I abandoned the task mid morning in favour of a pre summer beauty appt. Rather than drive I decided to walk across the valley and back, fit for forty and all that. I dug out the cross trainers, before my eyes could say lesbian shoes my ankle screamed NO! NOT THOSE THINGS AGAIN!

A good hours walk with no time to rest and the weather was lovely.
P is home with me today and my hips are stiff I feel like I am pushing through concrete. So slow. So painful but the ankle has held up.
Decided to sort the knitting box out.

Still do much to do!

P gave this to me as I am typing.
It's a lollipop.


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