Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Natural History Museum

Easter holidays, a three week break.
G was having the second week off but due to work commitments that got bumped to the third week which then turned out to be a day and a half.

We had planned an over night stay in London with a whip round the eye but then decided just to go for a day and do the Zoo another time as we thought no animals wouldn't be sitting out in the weather available.

On this day T&P took a Barbie for company and just before our arrival time T asked if she could play 'paint my wings' on G's phone, he let her I probably wouldn't and in no way do I blame him for what happen next.

The girls paint butterfly wings on an iPhone app and take it turns but as we crossed the river and pulled into Victoria G put the phone away.

Lets GO!

But I haven't had my turn yet.
But we are in London. Look at the size of the platforms. Everything is bigger.
But I haven't had my turn yet.
I came all the way from Sunny South Africa when I was your age and my mother left me on the platform chatting with a porter whilst she went off in the rain to find a trolley to hold our cases. This is your first time in the capital and I am supposed to look at you and shed a tear at how tiny you are in the big smoke. Don't be a brat.

No one get the bus to South Kensington because its single decker and you'll have to wait for two to go past before you can get on and that's a shove.
When did the Route Master go? My girls would have loved hanging off the back of one of those.

This is what the Natural History Museum looks like from the outside.

This is the side entrance with the shorter of the queues, very well organised we didn't wait more than 15 mins or so. Neither G or I have ever stood in the line here before, how times change when you have dependents.

It looks like this on the inside. I think these are the new loos, this wasn't here last time I was in town.

This is the view from up near the library, not many people up here. This is where I decided to 'step' the children and send G off to go look at something interesting.
They were the most miserable faced girls you have ever seen and I was so disappointed in their behaviour we had not even been in town for more than an hour and I told them that they would sit there all day and would only move if I liked them again.
So they sat there quietly.
G joined the queue for the dinosaurs.

After about 20 minutes they were taken by the hand downstairs to join him in line.
And yes I looked pissed.

This is Charles Darwin. I think he is good looking like my Uncle Adrian but with more beard.

The mood improved.

But that is probably because they got to run around in the dark.

It was crowded and there was no opportunity to take a photo of the iconic entrance with the big black dino without a few hundred people in the shot.

The stone work in the building is amazing.

As it is your birthday FMH, these birds are for you.

We just stayed for this exhibit then swung past the gift shop and headed out to the Butterfly House.

It's hot and it smells of Jasmin flowers in here and there are hundreds of butterflies just flying about.

If you stand still long enough they land on you.
We have some great shots of G with wings on his eyebrows and they will stay there until they are ready to leave which could be some time.
You are encouraged not to touch them.

And that took us just about till lunch.


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