Monday, 18 March 2013

Where have we been for so long?

I think it has just been busy but I couldn't tell you what we have been up to and the photos are shockingly dreadful and here are lots of them in no proper order.

I cleared out some magazines. A long time I would have kept tear sheets now I think it is easier to take a pic and store it on the computer. Don't you just love this magazine rack? Beautiful.

P has a trial at preschool she was knackered afterward but spent the afternoon colouring on the sofa, I was really impressed that she didn't nap which will be my fear.
She has also started colouring inside the line and drawing recognisable pictures since so lets see what next term brings.

World Book Day. I had this one planned for a while. T chose the character or so she thinks.

Daddy made the wig we love felt.

We are hoping that if she needs specs she choose these frames.

Soup is made and eaten mid week and then frozen for the end of the week when I am at part time job. Cauliflower if a lost vegetable in this house. No more! Cook a whole one chopped up in a veg stock cube blend a hand full of of cheese and this is amazing.
If you are brave you can leave chunks of cauli in.

Easter Fair at school, you bet I can bake something for the cake stall.

I made four bags and only two were purchased but I think it was a slow day.
There is a bonnet competition but with the preschool trial, Book Day and the baking there wasn't the opportunity for crafting a spectacle.

Next year we are winning this one.
I have secretly been looking at the 5th Ave NYC Easter Bonnet Parade for inspiration but of course T will do all the work. She will be practicing her paper mache between now and then.

Then the snow came and it took us over an hour to drive a 15 minute drive.

And it wasn't even that deep.

We got a snow day somewhere in the middle of it all.
Do you remember a time before mobile phones and text alerts?
When I was at school you'd be in your uniform waiting by the radio listening to the local station waiting for them read out the list of schools that were staying shut, our school was always on the last announcement, oh the joy to hear it's name called.

My girls will never have that excitement damn technology.

I bought a new coat I will post that later.
We went away for the weekend will show pics of that later too.
I have ANOTHER bloody cold but luckily just in the nose although it is occasionally making me feel dizzy.
My broken ankle is playing up. I thought I was getting a lump above the metal plate but it seems to be settling again although there are pain niggles and it's a bit stiff.
 The F1 kicked off again this weekend oh what joy to watch the highlights whilst sorting piles of washing.
There is supposed to be a baby born today I've heard no news.

Off to bed with a decongestant.


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