Friday, 1 March 2013

Two more done!

Went to the supermarket with P on Thursday and came back with this lot.

The problem is that the fridge looks like this.

No word of a lie, there is veg in there from Christmas.
I couldn't cope with putting another load of shopping on top.

Some people look inside their wardrobes and say 'so many clothes and nothing to wear', an over weight mother of two says 'shit! I can't stand this anymore I don't know what to feed them, it's gone on too long'

So I put a familiar movie (Morning Glory/Rachel McAdams/watch when unhinged) for background noise and gave myself an hour.

All out on to the table that needs to be painted black

I knew there was ice but I didn't realise it had got this big.
It will have to wait until we are nearly out of food because I need to turn the whole machine off for a weekend and I am not standing there for an hour with a hairdryer, life is too short.
Anyone know how to fix it? It's a Samsung.

Washing the trays looks like this.

After and hour and 20 it was done.
But not the freezer section.

Hurrah! I can see everything and I vow to keep it looking like this for ever and ever because it makes life easier and far more simple.................

No joke, I started in that kitchen at 11am and with meals and popping out for the school run I think I came out at 7. It was not a fun day.

The following day our Art cupboard got it too.

The weather was bad and the corridor is dark so these photos are not good.

I think that the card making stuff needs to be easily accessible in order for the girls to be inspired.

So it is nearly empty.

The paint and play dough get to stay as they are still off limits without parent supervision.
The lollipop sticks etc are now in here.

P and I then spent the morning sorting our pipe cleaners from our pom poms.
Crayons stickers and colouring books in one basket and anything that needs glue on it in the other.

Those large tubs come with 1000 items but 800 of those items are match sticks or sequins and it can get a little messy.

This is not a clear out and make over, it is a clear out and streamline.
These cupboards of mine are not all of a sudden going to look lovely, I want them to look bare.
I want it to look like we are about to move house
Then I can come in and manage the situation in minutes. If later in the year I can make it all look lovely then bonus but in the mean time it is beyond me.
Forgive me FMH for saying that but I am just too tired.

Goodbye February you went so quick.
Hello much spring is coming but you wouldn't know it!

Early to bed this eve as there is a road trip for me tomorrow


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