Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's The School Holidays

The girls are home with me all day and initially killing each other but today following a visit from a dear friend not seen in some time the baby is conked out on the sofa and the Little One is with her Spirograph.

I offered to glitter and jewel her nails up with the glamor kit won at the amusement arcade at Camber Sands last weekend but she says that is for when she is older.

Here is an iphone dump from the last two weeks that gets me up to date.

A few things from the Auction that I quite fancy.
My mum might get those chairs for me and the table for the garden as she likes the mirror for her bathroom.
I love the big upright wall thing but is actually too small for the space that I need a piece of furniture and too big for everywhere else.

P started drawing actual pictures this is Ariel the Mermaid, loving the orange hair.
She is also playing with the pirate kit that LH & DrMonkeybot bought her for Christmas.

She is really piling on the pounds lately with at least 6 meals requested a day and she comes running to the table at dinner.
I know she is on a growth spurt her speech is going from early preschooler to proper little conversationalist.

We went along the coast and stopped for a snack before taking the girls to the cinema on Sunday.

G had cake I had a veg pasty and the girls ate ice cream.
This place has been going longer than me and so has the Venice freeze which stays put despite renovations to the establishment.

I have been in here before when I was much younger but it had a reputation on being over priced which is never comfortable when you've got no money.
But we will be going back the menu looks easy and it's really warm when it is so cold outside and it's full of old dears on a Sunday and you can't beat that.

Then is was off to the cinema to see a film with Turtles thankfully it was short.

Again very warm on a windy day.
AND the best pop corn in the world AND the floor in the small cinema is wooden and not sticky like those big national screens where there is no care for cleanliness under foot.

When P starts preschool after Easter I am going to start a coffee morning to raise so money for our local church. I have been getting myself educated, this is my second go with all the equipment this week.
I am learning a lot but there has been a lot of coffee made and not so much drunk.

Home is an absolute mess. Partly, switching rooms, clearing out and waiting for car boot weather and just the logistics of picking up after all of us.

The girls have bunk beds but choose to sleep top to toe in the bottom one or now in the new spare room in the small double.
G and I think that maybe we should have just ought them one bed to share?

I feel like I could sleep for a week. If the girls are not waking up at 5am then I am waking up an hour later.

When will this weather break?

I saw this in one of the national news papers online, yes that one that I try to avoid.
It's got to be the best I've ever seen.

But I am really ready for the warm weather.

Off to experiment with quorn mince.
So excited.


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