Monday, 1 April 2013

The Baby Is Growing Up and I Don't Like It.

I didn't really want to write this post now, it's 9:15 and I just want to go to bed.

I will write it quickly and then go.
These pictures are just some that I've pulled in no date order.

So I have been watching P these last few weeks reflecting on the last 12 months.

This time last year her body was no longer a toddler and she wasn't that preschool girl shape either.
She had completely ditched her buggy in favour of walking (or sitting on my shoulders if tired) at around 16 months which I think is pretty early. She would walk for miles and so she had formed muscles as a result but she was still just mini in stature, not a shape inherited from either me or her sister.

Then of course there was that Donald Duck hair.

She went to preschool for the summer term so that she could have the same experience as T before they sadly closed their doors (thank you for the lovely email this week JC - lovely) and then we had a very lovely long active summer.
Lots of out and about.

She has just been a riot, she is so cool to hang out with and consumes my time like a hoover.
She is due at her new preschool in a couple of weeks, I feel like I've to say goodbye to three days of her demanding company but also before my eyes her very little body is also disappearing too.

What ever form she grew into last year she is on the cusp of leaving now and I am struggling at the thought of loosing it.

I don't feel the same way with T she has been strong and sturdy since the day she was born and she has kept that with her as she has grown and she is still my cuddly girl.

For the last few months P has had chores, she brings in the milk, opening the front door by herself, I watch from the distance of the kitchen and she sticks it in the fridge. She also takes out the empties and if it's a run of hot weather she fills one of the bottles and waters the shrub bashing the glass on the concrete planter while I wince.
She also tells me if the cat needs a wee.
So really I take full responsibility for her development and should be pleased that she is moving forward with all her functions.

But I am not.
She is growing.

This was taken yesterday.
What is it with the hair?

I suppose that is all there is to say. I can't see what happens next but I feel that all I dread will happen before this new month is out. I just feel I am clutching sand with her at the moment and it is a little sad.
And I say that even though she has been fueled on sugar today and a general pain in the arse.

But there you go.
Off to bed with water to drink.

Yes!! April Showers!


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