Sunday, 3 February 2013

Over The Last Week

Some anxiety happened to me this past week which I can catch up on at another time but it's made me unable to focus on the usual stuff and posting bits here.

So just some photos.

Big nose came down with FMH and we went for a lovely walk last Saturday. She bought mittens and a scented candle along with spring flowers which I've carried round with me because the smell was so lovely.

First bit of sun for the year.
I think I put a wash out on the line even though you can see the snow up on them hills.

T is doing London at school, this is the Great Fire and for some reason I think it's amazing and she can do so much better.
I think it's because I said to her, whats this? Great Fire of London. Of course it is!

Grandpa had a birthday and P wanted 'Apunzel' on the card which T drew for her and then she coloured in and again I think she did really well too.

During the week I did the most stupid thing. I headed out on the school run an hour early. AArrrhgh!
Never mind P needed some air so we took a stroll round the parks.

Veggie eating is still going really well, in fact I mistook and cocktail sausage for a mini cheddar the other day and spat it out rather than vomit. It wouldn't go down.
Loving creme fraiche with lemon parsley and pickles and then put on pretty much everything!

Do you ever get into uncomfortable pj's?

I bought a large pair of cotton lovelies for T but they twist in her sleep and annoy her.

She came into our bed after a nightmare in the early hours of this morning and when we had wrapped the dream round a rock, tied the paper with string and then thrown into the ocean for it to get lodged in with all the other bad dreams and cringe worthy memories never to surface again she started to route round the dresser for one of my T shirts all whilst using the torch setting on the iphone.

If she gets uncomfortable she finds a T shirt and wears it as a nightie this is an old thermal vest of mine and she has tied a knot in the straps. I thought she did really well, again!
I took a load of photos most of them rubbish at 06:30.

This picture I love but G was not happy, this is the image that he dreads, she looks 17 and it could be her Facebook page.
He is going to need a straight jacket and a sedative when she starts going out.

Tomorrow I will age again and this blog will be two years old!
Where did this year go?
Good thing I've got blog because my memory is rubbish.

Meet back here tomorrow


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