Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cooking With Breadcrumbs

Following a conversation at lunch last week about family recipes the word 'goujon' stuck in my mind.
I'd bought a nice pack of pre packed breadcrumbs (about six months ago) that looked like they came from actual bread and vowed to make something with them.

Today was that day.
A recap phone call this morning I had a recipe in my head and a pack of defrosted chicken in the kitchen.

The problem came at 5:15 (dinner is usually at 5:30) when I finally got round to starting.
Where had I put the bloody breadcrumbs?
I can only imagine that I looked at them once to often and thought, face it you are never going to do it, and threw them out.

Another phone call and I was confident to make my own with the thing that you plug in and add attachments too.

This is what followed.

I didn't have enough bread and it wasn't stale either so I added bread sticks to the mix.
I need the other two slices for lunchboxes tomorrow.

I am never buying breadcrumbs again, they are so easy to make.
So chicken strips, flour, egg and crumbs all on the go in the pan in batches gets me here.

I think I could have helped myself by prepping my area so the days washing up was done and cleared away.
I thought that I should use the kitchen paper to soak up any excess oil so balanced a plate on those two dirty pans on the far burner on the oven that still doesn't work.

But I dropped the paper roll in the sink of dirty water so whilst still mid fry quickly sawed it in two using the remaining clean bread knife.
I finished them off in the oven and served them with oven chips, salad.
No mayonnaise, so a pot of creme fraiche with lemon parley and gherkins chopped into them. The girls didn't like that so had ketchup.

So there you go proper home cooking.

I've got a pollock in the freezer that is going to get the same attention next week


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