Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy Birthday To You NJ

On Sunday afternoon after a nice lunch out at the vicarage we came home and the girls played quietly and we drank tea and watched the snow out of the window.
I've started knitting something on awkwardly large needles.
The snow fell all day, really tiny flakes, but it didn't stop and I didn't have a camera and the light was so lovely. I looked at my phone to check the weather, it was about 4:30 and the BBC said that it would stop at 4:45 I looked back at the window and it had stopped. Completely. I missed it.

In the evening I took this from the upstairs window.
I wouldn't fly a plane in that fog.

I think that's our snow fall for the year.

Yesterday I made my first savory pancakes, I dream about these and as usual I didn't know I was going to make them until about two mins before but somewhere we have lots of milk which to me means make batter.
Tuna in Tex Mex chilli sauce, salad, cream cheese.

Tonight I am going to look head long into another one of my fears.

Happy birthday New Jersey hope you have a wonderful day and it is not too cold you should be still fast asleep.
Traditionally I get this birthdate wrong but I think she looks forward to that every year.


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