Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Really Quiet Weekend

I tried to tell T to listen to how quiet it was when we walked home from school early on Friday. The snow was really falling but she couldn't help but squeal 'it's the best day ever'.

I decided to forget going to the supermarket and we made a snow penguin outside instead, and desperate for a snow ball fight she had one of those too.

Standing on the front steps of the house some grown up boys in canvas shoes and no gloves all looking like early Bob Dylan (is that style not finished yet?) came by, and showed us how it was really done.

Then we went out the back and used up some more snow.

We have a vacancy for birds and I wish there was a family who were interested.

I am hoping that school is closed tomorrow and we can have more play, it has been snowing all morning but the smallest of flakes. I've defrosted some more milk, I am sure the milk man will make his rounds tomorrow.

T asked me if she will need glasses when she is older, I hope so!

I saw this online, it's all in Dutch but two TV presenters host a show called Guinea Pigs and decide to experience the joy of child birth. They are hooked up to some kind of electrodes and then assisted with motivation and gas and air.
It's a two minute clip.
AND it's awesome.

Apparently they only last two hours before throwing the towel in but thinking about some of the alpha males that I know and I am thinking of one in particular in Bournemouth, it isn't the pain that's the problem it's the being in one place for a period of time without any results. They proabably just don't have the patience for it.

Anyhow off to check the school website to see if she is staying home tomorrow.
Then off to the vicarage, we've been invited to Sunday lunch. A bit nervous because the girls can be picky and I was to scared to say I've gone veggie!!


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