Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I need focus and energy.
I'd like ear plugs too.

I watch T come home from school and want to sit quietly and do her bead work, but P is, PLAY WITH ME!!! I'VE MISSED YOU.
So rather than play with the oodles of toys they sit round the living room rug and play who can grab the slippers the quickest, squealing until dinner.

I've seen these round the American blogs and was going to ask NJ to send me some but turns out you can buy SHWINGS on Amazon and they are reasonably priced.

I bought these thinking T would love them.
So cool.

So not bothered.

We had sad news this week.
T did, and now P goes to Gymboree. A weekly soft play activity class with music etc.
T learned to queue and wait her turn and tidy up and P can now do all this and has learned patience in activity, she also answers questions where before she would often stay mute through slightly bad manners!
The owner Guy Lewis died last week suddenly. His ticker decided it's time was up.
He has twin boys about to turn four and his wife was due to have their baby girl today it is awful news and those of us who knew him are side swiped.

It is so sad. He once told me that his wife didn't take any crap from anyone, I am really hoping that she finds that fighting spirit this year.

Late last year our neighbour Bennion had cellulitis and had to go into hospital, he bought me these to say thank you for visiting and looking after the house.They spent the whole of Christmas out in the cold but now in the kitchen they look like this.
So lovely when it is so dull out.

P thinks that make up is called nello poshes. It is also her word for nail polish.
Having decided to wear makeup in 2013 it needs to be accessible to be on my face which means that it is also within reach of the girls. Hasn't bothered me that a pearl eyeshadow has made it's way onto P's face everyday but this eve she braved it and went for the mascara despite strict instruction NOT to touch.

For grown up ladies only.

Such a rotter.

We had a lovely lunch today at friends all veggie!!
I have started my Less Greed Lent early this year and am off snacking between meals, chocolate, cake and chocolate cake generally. I am on a successful day three and I've never felt fatter. I have a tyre over my muffin top but at least my ticker is still tocking and that makes me so happy.


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  1. good morning and good luck with your Lent. Do recall the tradition of having a break from lenten duties/fasts on St Patrick's Day March 17th when everyone had a day/night off particularly from giving up alcohol. St Patricks Night Dances very popular - that is where your grandma met your grandad as he stole her shoe as she climbed up on the milk cart for a lift home! Love the wings - might I suggest a 70th birthday present for someone. loveandall