Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vegetarian, can it be done by me?

Lots of reasons why I don't want to eat meat for a year.

I don't think that it will make me thinner but if it does then great.
I do want to be able to make a range of dishes from the green stuff as easily as I can from a hunk of beef.
I've always thought making interesting green dishes will involve many more ingredients which will result in confusion in the supermarket.
It all seems just too complicated and I know that it probably isn't but still I've never really made a salad dressing from scratch.
Meat is inflammatory and I think my system could do with a break.

While we were away at the family 2nd Christmas, I had warned our host that I wasn't going to eat meat for 2013, he was pleased, as he is the only veg in the family. So on the quiet without drawing attention to the subject he made the biggest fish platter for the first evening and for breakfast a veggie option. All very very lovely.
We both had a vegetarian 2nd Christmas dinner and on the last morning he said, 'I don't have veggie sausages so it's croissants for you and me', no worries in fact I had tea, juice and mashed bananas on homemade bread.
Not far from me on the table was a plate of sausages.
Not even fancy sausages, just plain old pork.
Now I know that I have a real problem when it comes to the sweet stuff, cake, chocolate, fat but I didn't think that I would have to sit on my hands not to eat one of those greasy sticks of death.
I don't feel addicted to meat so I can only think that it was greed which horrified me more and I didn't cave but it really made me think about how much of my life is controlled by food, I knew it was but not to what extent.
I've yet to come up with some kind of answer about myself but yesterday I really started to concentrate on removing the meat from my diet.

What I have found in the past week, if you cook for a family and try to change something for yourself, you tend to complete one task and then when it comes to you, you put a pie in the oven and veggie or not, it feels second rate and that is not good.

I thought do I have to go out and buy a cook book? didn't I read somewhere that all those Jamie and Nigella recipes were full of fats so won't that be the same for their veggie dishes also?

Then I remembered a cook book that G's dad gave me one year because I bought a juicer, it was about eating for health and I think I might have been secretly grumpy about it but not today, today it is my new favourite read ever!

Who are you Michael Van Straten, my new BF for 2013?

I happened to turn to the Chapter about circulation and since my ankle op, I think I could do with a little help in this department, I sometimes see purple fingers and toes and it REALLY worries me, not to mention my cholesterol and that stitch I sometimes get when I am thinking about exercise.
I am also convinced I get pins and needles when I shouldn't.

Last night I made beetroot and orange salad with a salad dressing! From scratch. I also had some fish and some corn.
Job done, finally.
And no reason to be scared.

Today I took a walk into town with P and bought new phones for the house and some slippers that T had asked for.
On the way we went passed the tree recycling which never ceases to amaze me.

I can't help thinking, will they not last until next year? such a waste! Except that one front left.

I came home with a feeling that I want to get out working in the garden and I think I might have a new theme

I made lunch, omelet with left over beetroot, potatoes and spinach and more salad dressing.

I won't be posting what veg I ate through 2013 but I might do a little bit.
Something with peppers this eve and curried parsnip soup tomorrow maybe?

Right now I think I need a cuppa with sugar


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