Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year Here We Go!

It has been brought to my attention in the last half hour via the NJ Skype connection that I have not posted for some time so here goes.

All of the mothers that came with their babies to P's 3rd birthday were some kind of ill over Christmas. I thought that we picked something up at the venue but a good friend of mine was ill three days prior to us so I wonder if I picked it up from her and then passed it on but then I think I didn't see her so it must all be coincidence.
Did I mention that already?

These are P's comedy glasses from inside her stocking on Christmas morning and I am lying flat out with a fever trying to be enthusiastic and can I say that I struggled with that one all day and I didn't really get involved in anything even watching the girls open presents or me opening presents or eating.

Proper flu involves aching joints, fever and troublesome sleep, not to mention all the other spluttering but I was lucky and managed to be over the worst within three days and it just took a further five to start to feel human.
My enthusiasm is not topped up yet either but I am sure that will come with the brighter weather that we are getting this week.

At some point through the day there was confusion where T opened a present and then P opened all the rest. Then T realised that she had in fact opened a gift of mine and then it all became too much and the tears flowed and she buried her head under the duvet with me and no matter how much I told her I really didn't care, she was inconsolable.

I thought that G and I did really well on the present front this year but the numbers were still out of hand. When you mix in Christmas with what they get for their birthdays it is all a bit much and actually none of it gets played with because you don't know where to start.
It's the only time that I wish they had been summer babies.
Having said that T has been making her way through every Aqua Bead, making up little hair slides and animal faces.

I think we need a big sort as we go through January, more on that another time.

By New Years Eve, I had the energy to help out Gareth, I managed to get the house in some kind of order for guests and he carried on doing all the cooking.
I decided to make a resolution for 2013 to go veg!
It needed to start on the January 2nd because as I served up the big cooked breakfast that LH prepared I forgot to put on my porridge so said farewell to the beast with sausage and bacon.

I also want to get a handle on my spending in 2013 and am writing everything down to see where the money is going. I took the girls to town to pick up some things, new tooth brushes, plastic pots, secret Santa gifts for G's family Janmas get together and took the girls for lunch and the money and meat resloution went out the window.

We went to Bills.
It looks lovely, the service is great but it is always a complete cock up.

I had spent our time walking around town thinking, would this be a better place to eat?

I thought I'd get the girls a strawberry milkshake and a cup cake.
Not the greatest lunch but they like milkshakes and they eat cake.

When you are settled at the table they don't sell strawberry milk shakes anymore only chocolate brownie milkshakes, the girls looked confused. I explained that it was chocolate cake in milk and they were up for that. The waitress divided the portion into two glasses. They didn't like them as much as they thought, nor the cup cakes.

I didn't want to drink anything but I needed to eat a little, I'll order two sides and the girls can share which might cancel out the sugar.
In what was now a panic I ordered a green salad, which turned out to be a lot of one leaf and what I thought was a sausage bread but turned out to be a lot of sausages covered in mustard and honey. Neither side dishes went anywhere near the girls, I am now a veggie, and we all had to drink a lot of tap water to wash away the really rich choices.
Bye to £20, massive resolution fail!

This morning has been errands before the new term start tomorrow.
P spent the afternoon like this.

There was some drama across the street and T and I watched a fire shout

and she proceeded to tell me all about what life would be like for her and us if she was a fire fighter. T's new year resolution has clearly been to increase her imagination and then transmit it.

I must add washing the white paintwork down to my list.
G is in London this eve sorting work out for the next few months so I am away to cook dinner for the girls.
Tonight is sewing labels in new PE kit although I could do with an early night but as P had such a big nap I think it is going to be another late one.

Happy January 2013!

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