Monday, 24 December 2012

December 24/25

I wrote the December posts so I could be reminded about what Christmas is really like.
Thinking back on it, it's been depressing!

The good thing is that I've shrugged my shoulders to a lot of it and thought, I am just not going to worry about it and for someone who suffers from monumental anxiety that probably is not a bad thing. Annoyingly I have had two nights of terrible sleep and feel pretty ropey today with a floppy neck and a sore cough. There is much to do, like run the hoover round and change the last bed. I will probably give the bathrooms a once over and then call it a day.

G has popped out to pick up the Turkey and taken the girls with him, which means they will get some much needed fresh air. T is still with a temperature at some points during the day and P was complaining of a sore tummy before her brioche at breakfast.

I've just opened the windows to air the place and I was lying quietly on the girls bed and could hear the gulls in the distance. It reminded me of when I first moved in and the house didn't have heating. I was thinking about the clothes I wore and what smells were around. I love those rare nostalgia moments.

This has been doing the rounds on some of the other blogs I read and I think it is the best version of a well know story and the music is just divine.

So it is a Happy Christmas from me, I am super excited about the girls opening their gifts tomorrow and generally looking for ward to it all.
I have a list of New Years Resolutions and I might get some Beta Blockers after boxing day that is if we survive the broken oven and the big bird that G will attempt to cook in it!

Have a cheery one.


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