Monday, 11 February 2013


P has had her hair trimmed before but really it was only because Auntie George cut T's and he pretended to cut hers to make her happy.

Only this month for the first time in three years I have started to regularly comb what grows on top of her head.
The fringe however is long and G said it needed to be cut and that what he did this eve after dinner.

She thought that was a good idea too.

She doesn't like water near her face though

but she does love her daddy

and then it was done!


Is she going to be one of those girls who messes with their hair when they get back from the hairdressers, I can't be doing with that.

Anyway it looks great because she is fast asleep in her bed, out like a light, till the morning.

Cuppa in hand off to bed.


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  1. I love it P because now we can see your pretty little face more easily xx