Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting Ready for Forty.

I had a long chat with my oldest friend in the winter around her birthday last year.

She had been talking about not wanting to live her forties as she had done in her thirties.
Of course she is of great wisdom to me and everything I write now is her idea.

She didn't want to turn forty and get on with it she wanted to prep for it at 39 by improving her life by learning 40 new recipes, walking daily for 40 minutes, chucking out 40 items of clothing etc.
Some things will be quick and some will take the year.

What a bloody good idea, I am so doing that and so is my mum who also turns an elegant number this June.
The list of things to do could be endless and as you can imagine mine is and will probably be completely unachievable!

I am starting with the iMac.
(I honestly had to check that)
I don't know enough about the thing, the printer doesn't work and I use about 10% of it's capabilities, I have story ideas that need resolving,  pictures stored who knows where and I haven't deleted an email in years. I'd like to do some graphic/illustration work

When I worked in the NHS my files were spotless it is not the same case in iPhoto and I can easily make up the list if I have problems reaching the target.

I started yesterday and the desktop is clear and today I'm making my way through the hundred's of bookmarks I've collected.

I found these in the sidebar they are from the very early 1940's.

I've often had romantic ideas of living in the 1940's be it swing dancing in lovely tea dresses or grafting in denim on Walton's Mountain but looking closely at these slides I think I had ignored how really hard life must have been.

There are more to look at. The descriptions are short and very interesting. Find them here

I am going to press delete!
But there are lots of other things to share.

P has just gone and stuck something up her nose again. I think I am going to take her to A&E just to teach her a lesson.


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