Tuesday, 12 February 2013

That Birthday List

Still in the first month of clearing the decks and prepping for 'Life begins at forty', I have managed to clear the desk top on the computer, delete or fob off to friends unwanted bookmarks, and have made a start on deleting thousands of unwanted emails.

Not to mention unsubscribing to newsletters that are really not relevant.
No thank you Selvedge and LK Bennett etc.

Last night I picked up this book.

I bought this in Liberty when the book shop existed on the ground floor on the corner of
Carnaby Street.
I think I was probably with my mum and I might have been about fourteen and I remember the book was £4.95. I loved it.
I think I wanted to use it as a sketch book but was too scared and the pages are really shiny so when I finally got round to using it I was nearly twenty and I stuck my recipes in instead.

Some of these recipes I cut out from NOW magazine when it first hit the shelves, I am sure it was the first celebrity magazine and it cost 65p and it used to have these really easy recipes at the back.
Never made any of them except lemon drizzle that was rubbish and pineapple upside down cake which is excellent.

I want to get this book out of my life because it just hangs round my neck like another thing not achieved. If I just chuck it I will be thinking about it in twenty years because that is the person I am.

I gathered a few appealing pages and hit the supermarket.

I needed to bake something in the new oven. It was a disaster, G tried to tell me not to blame the oven but I don't think he meant it that way but it is still out there.

I hate the bloody oven, it's a professional and I am not. Those are spelt strawberry muffins, splet four is £3.50 a bag and the oven is so hot that they are solid on the outside and just ok on the inside.

And they stick to the wrapper like glue.

I am a bit teary, I want to offer to do a coffee morning at our local church to help raise funds for it's redevelopment and I can't even make a success of a muffin.

Boo Hoo

The watercress soup was more of a result but that was cooked on the hob so it doesn't count.

I have invited a couple of mums for tea tomorrow after the school run and my lovely cousin is dropping by in the afternoon. I feel deflated.

I think I am in one of those moods where nothing is going to be right.
I hate days like these.

Will help T finish her homework and then put the girls to bed and have a pepper tea and lots of water as I ate a can of stuffed vine leaves yesterday and I won't be doing that again!


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