Friday, 7 December 2012

December 7/25

I had a huge list of stuff to do in one day but it took three to get anywhere near the end of it and I still feel lost at sea.

I've been to the tip - I have to go again
Clean the lounge - but again that is on going
Sort the kitchen cupboards - yep but a huge amount of painting still to be done but G seems to have that covered whilst I put away mountains of washing and try and keep up with everything else.
I got the 'Week 1 Christmas' box down - the contents were not that exciting and I thought it would be.

T won this at school

for baking these with me - in a borrowed oven - thank you Google images for inspiration

Her name was announced in assembly and she missed that because I had kept her off school with a pesky cough. She won a hat and apron, which she calls a cloak, both made from red felt how unpractical.

P dropped her first F BOMB in the DIY super store, she was out with G, I think that is two for two for him and he takes full responsibility!

There have been no Christmas cards delivered as yet and I started writing some yesterday but I have lost my address book so I am not sure what is going to happen. I blame G completely as he tried to be helpful by cleaning the house one weekend, the address book is the one item still AWOL.
I realise that I have probably missed the international post dates for those friends of mine that live in remote corners and it might take me a couple of days to think about what I am going to do about that one.

These glitter specs have been banished for a week because the girls couldn't manage to play nicely.

I feel in a state of limbo
The electrician is coming on Monday maybe we will have a working oven, I feel a batch of biscuits coming on and I have a year old mince pie mix waiting to be used.

Tomorrow I want to nip out for new bras and trousers, some Lego for the kids, new lights for the Christmas tree, a Christmas tree, new Pj's for T (that won't wait till the 25th), get my glasses adjusted, buy plastic tubs to put things in, write all the Christmas cards and do the full present list.
Change the sheets on all the beds and hoover the house from top to toe and clean the bathrooms.
Do T's homework and do more reading with her.
Not to mention cut back the roses and sweep through the garden. There are leaves out the front that could do with clearing as well.

We have friends over on Saturday eve must remember to get some nice bits in - will have to make a list for that.

We have been woken very early by the girls most mornings this week and it has been painful. T will remember that there is a window on the Advent Calendar to open and off (they have one each) they go together downstairs to see whats behind the door and it is super cute.
Last night P couldn't sleep even though she was in bed for 7 is was 10:10 before the lid was shut.

Clearly bored she has no more windows to open on her calender.
Live and learn hopefully


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