Monday, 10 December 2012

December 10/25

Had a small list of stuff to do on Saturday like get new bras and buy stuff without the kids hanging off me. None of that happened because G and I had a heated conversion about how I think that he is unsympathetic and sometimes takes too harder a line not only in the home but also with matters on the world stage.
I apparently don't know what I am talking about but I think I do.
Off schedule - I cancelled my bra trip to town and he took the girls to the pub to buy the Christmas tree and they all came back and T and P were beaming I think he became the greatest dad in the world because they got to help carry the tree home.
There are no pictures of this event because it might have been stressful, I think T had a conversation with the tree man and P took the opportunity to play hide and seek.

I saw this advert on TV for Asda and despite never really shopping there this is more like my Christmas than M&S.

Today G told me who was coming for New Year and I too will be propping the table from upstairs with books so everything is level -  Tips!

We spent the rest of the morning and lunch moving the furniture around to best accommodate the season.
I remembered we needed new lights for the tree. We went back to the DIY store and spent a bloody fortune. I am not happy with our decision.
We bought LED's instead of bulbs I've always thought they looked nice on display. The clear set are nice but the colour ones are a bit in your face, the blue is piercing I think I am going to dot the tops with some pearly nail polish which I will have to buy!
I think I wanted a more natural Christmas this year it has not gone that way because I let the girls go and buy tinsel.
On Saturday afternoon we headed over to G's family to drop off a baby gate and lots of toys that belonged to my two they were over from the Isle of Wight they have a little girl and I have to keep reminding myself that I am an Aunt and I so want to be a cool Aunt.

Then friends over for dinner and I ate the Chinese food again.

Sunday was decorating the tree, watch a movie then head over to my mum who took the girls to panto and they had a great time.
G and I had some time alone and picked up all the shopping for Santa.

It was really nice to be back in my home town and it was no where as busy the city.

This bit is all for Mrs B in Madrid.
The house has just been sold again if you lived at no 34, I always thought that you were at no 36 but I don't remember it being double fronted.
The service in the shops is awful we were in an 'Olde' sweet shop opposite the turning from the pub and I asked the young girl (she was wearing braces) if she had any more of the thing in stock she didn't really look at me and said of there weren't anymore then probably no.  
Probably no!
This was not the first time I had this reply during the afternoon, I nearly ripped her head off.

Probably no!
Show some respect, this town was retired and dead as a doornail and girls like you used to stay in with their families on weekends and lived in the big houses on the outskirts of town studying for their travel and tourism exams dreaming of inter railing waiting for the right guy to come along so you could shop in NEXT and wait until your mid twenties before you'd 'fit' in any of the drinking dives available to you. Everyone I knew was dying their hair purple, swanning around in fake fur spending their money on vodka helping the town find it's pulse.
Now get your orange face out the back and find the sherbert

Instead of saying that on the way out I said Happy Christmas and mentioned to the customers coming through the door that the sales assistant was very miserable which got a laugh and that is always worth it.

T is off to her school disco and she is wearing the purple ball gown that my mum has made for her, I am looking at the time now and hoping she feels just magical.
I am picking her up at five!


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