Wednesday, 19 December 2012

December 19/25

So I can hardly manage to remember what has happened this month unless I look at my phone photos.

Standing still and thinking about it I still have not taken the fairy lights back to the shop, the house is unbelievably untidy STILL and I have not posted pics of the new kitchen because G is painting every night AND the lovely new Italian oven doesn't work and the engineer can't repair it till the new year when the part arrives. I have an achy hip and I don't know why?
Oven needs a thermostat. I cooked P's birthday cake in it last night by watching it like a hawk, let it heat up, turn it off, turn it on and so on for about an hour. In the end I baked a biscuit with cake in the middle.
It is P's birthday tomorrow she will be 3
When I finally caught the news I cried a lot.

We had been invited to a party in London to celebrate the wedding of a friend who I went to college with, she is uber cool and I think I had been secretly worrying about the event since September  as I hadn't seen all these people in 4 stone but wasn't going to miss it.

I rang the uncles and asked if they wouldn't mind baby sitting on the Saturday and they jumped at the chance. We would head to theirs in Dartford and then catch the train to South London. After a long day of hairdresser, supermarket, Christmas shopping and children' s parties we set off. I believe the girls were taken to a Winter Wonderland, before coming home and then having a joint birthday party it was a late night but that's what memories are made of.
Me and G headed to Brixton.

You get out the train station on the corner of my old street. I took G on a tour.

The address was 24 Electric Mansions, Electric Avenue Brixton.
It was the first place I lived on my own and it was £120 a week for a two bedroom.
I couldn't find anyone to live with me and it was such a fab flat.
The market would roll out about 5 am six days a week and my mum said the stairwell looked like something out of Cagney and Lacey.

So I lived above the food store, the four/six windows on the first and second floors. The bathroom was at the back it was an avocado suite and really let the place down.
The first week I was there I was questioned by the police as the previous tenant had been found headless in Leytonstone and they were trying to pin it on the landlord who sat downstairs in the shop wrapped in a blanket.
I was 20!

Anyway I wasn't there long, I moved in the winter and was gone by the end of the following summer, the place was over run by mice, you've never seen anything like it and I didn't want to get a cat.
It wasn't going to work.

There is a new shop on the block
And so much has changed it is no longer 70 pence to get the bus 3 stops.

This is the view from round the corner and the rubbish is the end of the day behind me the bin lorry it's making it's way up the street and people are clearing up and yelling etc.
In the middle of the photo you can see there is a silver car blocking the way of a veg cart waiting to roll home.
As we came along side them I believe the cart holder told the driver to move the car or he'd dent it and if she didn't move quick enough he'd dent her face as well.
Obviously he included the F Bomb loads.

G said it was time to leave and I laughed, I do miss it all a bit.

Then a long walk close to Oval brought us to a fancy party.

With handmade decorations

It was nice to visit a home I've not seen for a while and catch up with those that I've not seen since moving away. Made me make the decision that when P starts preschool after Easter I will make more of an effort to pop to town.

I love this photo of the host and there is no permission to post it! Shortly after it was taken we all went in to the foyer, the piano playing beautifully and delightlfully and a sprinkling of twinkly lights for the newlyweds followed by great applause and the most wonderful cake.

So lovely.

So much to do and I am dead on my feet.

Tomorrow is P's birthday.
Three is the magic number

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