Friday, 21 December 2012

december 21/25

A Day Late

Happy Birthday PL

I asked you in the morning if you could spend your year being easier to look after and you said yes.
Then I said Happy Birthday! You are three!

NO! I want to be 2 or 4 came the reply.

You are fun and you are full of life and you are definitely/defiantly making your own party and at the moment it is purple.

You are a girlie girl and your best time of the day is very early in the morning if you wake up next to me and you couldn't be more cute and cuddly if you tried otherwise you look like you have a hangover that is taking you a while to come round from.

Over the next couple of months I will work hard getting you ready to start your new preschool. I will try and fill your time with good things to make you happy and I will do my up most to keep up with you and not shout unless you are in danger.

If you could help by not hiding behind pillars etc or opening the front door on your own to put out the empty milk bottles.
I know that you are here to shake things up a bit but if you could go a little easier on your sister it would make life a lot calmer.

I love you, you are funny and 3, is the magic number.


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