Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Image Issues?

Been a while, so much going on, the kitchen, kids not well, G not well and just trying to focus on stuff.

Found this great little you tube today, I am saving it for when T is a little older and starts worrying about the size of her bum.

If you have a daughter or worry about your dark circles, dull complexion or how shinny your hair isn't then this one is for you.

I bought a magazine to read in the bath last month, it looked Christmassey. I am sure it was my first fash mag this year.
I thought it might perk me up
It had 'Flat Deeley' on the cover.
What a waste of money!

Things are brightening up at the Homestead and it's T's birthday next week, thankfully a friend has loaned me her oven to bake T a cake for her party this weekend. The pass the parcel is wrapped and the party bags are ready.

Happy Thanksgiving

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