Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dream Holiday?

Did I mention in a post before that a dream job would be to sweep out cluttered front gardens and make everything look presentable?

Mmm think so.

Found these whilst secretly looking at the Daily Mail online, the shame.
Have cut the addiction again last night, remember I don't actually read it, it's all about the photos.

But in another life I would kill to take on this Japanese Resort abandoned in the 1970's.

The photos are taken by Thomas Jorion and you can read the article and see more amazing pics here.

Message to FMH - Lets go!
I will bring the broom, rubble bags and damp cleaning cloths and then we can shop for textiles.

Happy Weekend

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  1. Have you ever watched the film 'The Money Pit'? These pictures make me think of that. Just imagine what it COULD look like, though the money needed doesn't bear thinking about!