Friday, 30 November 2012

Happy 6th T.

It's a long time in posting, apparently I have used up my photos memory/storage and I now have to pay to blog.
Those pics must be not bad because the stats say that there are over 12,000 views to the hilltop, I feel quite special about it.

Things have been a bit chaotic here and it's a shame because there is still no working oven but we are grouted.

This week was T's birthday.

I have been saving these pictures for a while though I am sure I am missing lots or maybe I started photographing them a long time in to her habit.

T ties things in knots. In fact anything wrapped round anything is taken away and re used and any toy will probably at some time or another be secured to a house hold object.

She just can't stop herself.

Cashmere feather lined - look how tight she has tied it!

This is T as a Sciencer, job, to turn animals into other animals. Deadly serious.

Recently I found this saga in her room

At this sight I wonder if Red Minnie is flat out on her back in hysterics at the mess Pink Minnie has managed to get herself into.
(actually its the Disney version of me and FMH)

What a year you've had, first year at school, genuine health scare in the spring, studying furiously and trying really hard to win at everything and everyone seems to want to be your friend (which I find rather annoying because you are not a rental), a fantastic active Olympic summer, a small issue with you wanting to be 13, you plat your own hair and now back to school to year 1.
Tomorrow you are going to learn to ride your bike.
Daddy thinks you'll be fine without stabilizers.
Lets watch this space and I'll get the first aid kit ready.

You are not my chunky preschooler anymore, you are growing fast, your head a little quicker than the rest of you. I think sometimes you might be a driod because some times my emotions really go way over that big head.
You still like everything plain and simple and bedtime is still your choice at 7 although your dancing is becoming far out.
You are my big girl and show me so much love every day. I am jealous of school they get to hang out with you more than I do and I so wish to spend more time in your company.

Maybe I can ship evil P to boarding school and we can go out for milkshakes and cake.
At this point you are generally happy to play and be with P who thinks the world of you as do we.
Happy birthday my smiling T.
I love you round the universe and back.


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