Monday, 8 October 2012

We Are Getting a New Kitchen

G and I have spent the last couple of weeks raging at one another over our opinions and what the kitchen is going to look like.

It all started when he came to tell me about a two part resin white floor paint he plans to put down.
I'm not sold, mainly because once it is down it's going to take a lot of maintenance and if it is a mistake we will probably have to lay lino to cover it because it will never lift.
Anyway he could see the unease on my face and BANG we were off.

I'd ripped out the greasy kitchen when I moved in and me and the lodgers happily survived on small table from my grandmother, a sink, and what amounted to no more than some beer crates next to the oven.
I also bought part of an old stage but the ridges between the planks made for an unsuitable work top and that found its way to the skip.
I don't do salvage yards now following one too many bad decisions in the past.

A hundred years ago I saw Practical Magic and fell for the kitchen.
G and I set about putting a kitchen in at the turn of the century.
All the cupboard doors that were available in our tiny budget I didn't like. If you weren't happy with fake wood then they were vac formed plastic and a shaker knock off and I just didn't like them.
I thought keep checking the shops, fashions change and at some point someone will stock what you want.
It never happened and everything got really expensive. So to this day the contents of the carcasses remain open to view.

The kitchen is on the first floor and there were once trees outside each window and door.
We laid the wide boards and stained them black.
The light airy space was immediately depressing and it showed every speck of dust so the colour lasted about a season and I hired a sander and pulled them back to natural wood gave them a white wash and put a clear ballroom varnish over the top.

Before you know it 12 years have passed I never had the PM kitchen, the range cooker we have no longer works and I can't cope the the hob for cooking any longer so by Halloween we will have a brand new functioning kitchen.
But it's a bumpy ride to get there.

My tastes haven't changed I still like the mix and match look, I think it will probably look something like the following although G calls it slap dash, but he has become completely confused and no longer knows what he wants as I keep firing alternatives in to the mix.
My evil plan worked
Actually I spend most of my day in there so really I do believe I should have the final say.

All these images are from GOOGLE and my housey file, huge apologies for the lack of credit

So it is going to be kitchens all the way for the next couple of weeks.
Later I will tell what happened in the stone masons.

We bought an oven!


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