Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Notes from Madrid

Yonks ago I posted, and I can't find it to share, a delicious email from Madrid describing the differences between buying a length of elastic in Spain and here in the UK.

I have been trying to find that post but can't because I don't LABEL things proper and I wanted to link it here to go with the new email that arrived yesterday.

You should know that Otto is under 5 and incredibly well turned out.
You should also note that his mother Mrs B when dressed for any occasion makes a peacock look like a pigeon and her poise makes a flamingo look like a lay about.


I took Otto to have a haircut today.
We go to the barbers in the next street.  It's run by 2 eldery brothers who each day, co-ordinate their beautifully laundered candy-striped shirts, so they're matching.  (Cufflinks, of course)

It's a tiny shop, that's been open for decades.
The decor and chairs haven't ever been replaced, but are well cleaned and maintained.  The shelves are chocka with half-full bottles of cologne and hair pomades, going back about 50 years, but not a speck of dust.
The clippers are antique, and they still use razors and strops.
There's always an old man sitting in a waiting chair, reading out the bits in his paper that annoy him most.

Otto's lifted onto the red leather child seat that matches the chair, a cape is put on, and the trimming starts.
They do 2 cuts for boys: 1940s and 1960s, for the more rebellious parent, but it's really just a slightly longer 1940s.
We get a 1940s.
"Eres un bueno hombrecito?"
"Entonces, los hombrecitos buenos cogen caramelos"
("Are you a good little boy?"  -"Yes"  "Well then, good little boys get a sweetie afterwards")

After a brief discussion of football, where Otto's asked if he's a little capitalist, for supporting Real Madrid, so switches allegience to Atlético Madrid (The left-wing underdogs)  his hair is done.
A swift side-parting, a spritz of cologne, then he's handed his Chupa-Chup (lollies, with Dalí-designed wrappers)

And that's it.  No chairs shaped like fucking rockets, with a Playstation and telly built in.  I can't imagine what they'd say if I said "Yeah, keep it long all over, except the front"

Wish you could come and take pictures.
Besos guapa,
Señora B

No pressure but it's one of the biggest treats of my year to receive these emails.
Apologies if you didn't want me to share.

I will remove it if you ask me to.

On another note G tried to order the carcasses for the kitchen not happening.
He had made the decision that oak was what was wanted.

Turns out you can only have these if you are trade and can guarantee that you will spend £3000 in one year.
Do businesses want to take money in a recession?

So it is wind out of the sales for the mister today.
Never mind.

We also now own a dishwasher, I am not sure how I feel about that one. I buy washing up liquid at 95p a bottle last lasts me three plus weeks and now I will be getting involved in things called Rinse Aid and limescale tablets and I can see an extra £10 on the monthly shopping bill.

See what tomorrow brings

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