Sunday, 15 July 2012

Treasures of the Earth

Took the girls for fossil, gemstone and crystal culture.

This is inside Treasures of the Earth Museum on the A830

They loved it.
It's all dark inside and looks and feels like a cavern.
Well, if you are five or under!

these rocks go from this

to this!

Impressive collection, it's private?
How do you come to have that?

All was going well and then G had to pull P out of the fountain pond that they have there, she was going in after the coins then it all came off the rails and both of them were sat down and given a talking too.

Partly my fault, I'd said that we were just going away and I wanted them to relax, play run wild and just have fun.
Their pea brains had interpreted this literally but they had left their behaviour in the South and were being a bit too wild for company.

They were much better when we left although P struggled to keep the jewels off her in the shop.

Holidays start at home officially tomorrow
This hole in my tooth has thrown me I hope I can get it fixed or pulled. Either way I won't be able to think straight until an appt. is sorted.

Bring on Monday

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  1. maybe they had a little girl who collected stuff from all over the world and rocks from the mine spoil under the washing line while she was looking for diamonds and who had a mummy who kept them for ever