Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Kit House

We took the southern road to the West coast to visit my Aunt and Uncle and at most I think I have only been to this house four or five times.

I am nuts for this house. They have lived there some forty years and it was built from a kit. The front wall has been moved forward to make more room but inside the use of space is extraordinary. So simple but spacious at four bedrooms, friendly kitchen and diner and large windows that make you want to sit and watch the weather move in and out.

I've tried to take photos of it before but they turn out rubbish it just cannot convey how special it is. So I took lots of video instead.
Usually there is a smell that hits you when you get out the car, sort of peat, earthy wet and green with smoke but it was missing this time and it could be that it was a different season. Also the trees and ferns were in full leaf so there was more coverage than I remember.

This is P under the tree that my uncle planted, it's the biggest Christmas tree in the world at least that is what I tell the girls.

This is P attempting to climb up the Burn, and this is my happy face because this is what I used to do when I was little and I had been looking forward to the girls having a go. I used to use young fallen wood to make bridges across but there is too much growth to be attmpting such stuff on this visit.

You don't see my happy face very often it looks like I have teeth like a rabbit.

P eventually fell over and T got in to give her a hand. The following night it rained heavily and the burn filled T came running in to tell me to put my ear plugs in because it was gushing so loud.

When I was little this room was huge and there used to be this marine blue relaxing swivel chair, I sure it was a death trap.
My Uncle made the Orkney Chair on the left.

When I was little I stayed in this room with my parents and maybe played with the dolls also.

By the time time it was time for us to leave the rain was really coming down and only wellies could be worn because the plimsolls that could only be worn for the rope swing were soaking but it didn't stop us wandering around.

When it was time to leave, I got ever so emotional, it was the same last time too. The time before that I remember being really young and my Auntie L had made a soup for lunch but my dad had thrown a strop and we didn't stay that little bit longer and I wanted my time there to go on forever.

There are a few tears now.


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