Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Beach at Dores

After a hearty breakfast, I ate more pasta salad and tea from a pot rather than a mug on the go, a clever cousin suggested driving to Dores beach for a wander and then we could head straight off on our journey to the west coast.

Good idea.

So if I work it out in my head we are on the South side of Loch Ness on the East coast end of it.
Apparently it's really cold and more than 200 meters deep.
It's a stunning place to be.

Closest I've every been to an uncooked duck.

I could live here.
There was a gift shop too.

The shop wasn't open but reminded me of a TV show called Eerie Indiana, which I never watched as I thought it was creepy.
I've done some glancing on the internet and the guy that runs this place, Steve Feltham, has just a strange story to him as the look of the van.

The girls didn't pick up on the whole Loch Ness legend I think that they probably needed a visual, maybe another time. They were happy enough to paddle and throw stones.

Best part hands down for me was watching P wander up the beach some 100meters with my cousin. Usually a bit of a mummy's girl they must have had their own small chat although limited and she came ambling back with a big stick that we brought home with us.

I am not sure if she will be old enough to remember it only time will tell. I have vague memories of meeting him when we were small but it's pretty special.

I've got a bloody hole in my tooth aaarrgh!

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